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Dr George Bownes controls A H B MEDICAL LIMITED

About Control Statements

A ControlStatement is a declaration by a company or entity about how it is controlled. A company may have multiple entities controlling it (entites may be companies, people or organisations), in which case there will be multiple statements of control, or may have no entity controlling it in which case the statement can detail this fact together with the reasons. The controlling entities will be 'ultimate beneficial owners' if the company is stating that the controlling entities are natural persons who ultimately control the company in some way

Raw data

Control Level unknown
Control Mechanisms
Mechanism Type share_ownership
Mechanism Properties
Exercised Via
Percentage Of Shares
Minimum 75
Maximum 100
Exclusive Minimum true
Exclusive Maximum false
Source Description The person holds, directly or indirectly, more than 75% of the shares in the company.
Controlling Entities
Entity Type person
Entity Properties
Date Of Birth
Month 1
Year 1980
Nationality British
Country Of Residence England
Registered Address
Locality Hampshire
Postal Code GU14 0EA
Street Address 18 Holly Road, Cove Farnborough
Name Dr George Bownes
Other Attributes
Uid /company/06269039/persons-with-significant-control/individual/7W5qcA33emgnTIV6JsMjglnXlxs
Name Parts
Given Name George
Family Name Bownes
Title Dr
Other Attributes
Etag 6d1dde4f26edd8b856c6518a27c220ee5cc4d0d8
Ceased On
Notified On 2016-04-06
Retrieved At 2018-02-06T17:04:26+00:00
Subject Entity
Entity Properties
Company Number 06269039
Jurisdiction Code gb
Entity Type company
Uid /company/06269039/persons-with-significant-control/individual/7W5qcA33emgnTIV6JsMjglnXlxs
Ultimate Beneficial Owner true

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May 17 2018, 12.12PM

We think this was true on April 6 2016. We think this happened before April 6 2016.

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