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Cyprus Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver

Identifier Notes

OpenCorporates company URIs currently do not fully support UTF-8 company numbers, therefore we have transliterated Cyprus company number prefixes from Greek to their Latin equivalents. Please find our normalisation changes listed below:

  • Change "Σ" (uppercase Sigma, CE A3) to Latin "S"
  • Change "Α" (uppercase Alpha, CE 91) to Latin "A"
  • Change "Ε" (uppercase Epsilon, CE 95) to Latin "E"
  • Change "Η" (upper case Eta, CE 97) to Latin "H"

For example, company number Σ5014 has been changed to S5014. For backwards compatibility, any existing URLs for affected companies will redirect to their replacement URLs.

Basel Anti-Money Laundering Score
4.81 (from 0 to 10 – lower is better)

Scores from Open Company Data Index

Metric Score Max Points
Freely Searchable 20 20
Licensing 30 30
Data Freely Available 20 20
Directors 10 10
Accounts 0 10
Shareholders 0 10
Total 80 100