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The Open Database Of The Corporate World

Ministry of Justice Registry Agency

Data Quality Notes

Incorporation dates - Given that the register required all companies incorporated prior to 2008 to re-register on 01 January 2008, the original incorporation date for these companies is not available. The incorporation date is available only for companies incorporated after 01 January 2008.

Dissolution dates - The dates are delivered based on last appearances of a company in the data and if the status of this company is “Closed”. This also can be applied to only a subset of companies going forward from 01 January 2008.

Industry codes - We discovered that company registration forms actually allow end-users to free-type the industry code and description, which are then transcribed into the register “as-is”. This had the effect of the majority of companies having codes and/or descriptions not matching the official scheme. We have manually mapped top 100 industry codes, which has allowed for industry code coverage for 4% of companies. We will look to extend this coverage in future.

Filings - Links to filings in the register are available, however, access to some filings require users to be registered with the Bulgarian Trade Register.

Additional data - There are additional data items available in the source files that are not currently mapped to the OpenCorporates Company schema. We plan to extend the data available in OpenCorporates in future

Basel Anti-Money Laundering Score
3.12 (from 0 to 10 – lower is better)

Scores from Open Company Data Index

Metric Score Max Points
Freely Searchable 20 20
Licensing 30 30
Data Freely Available 10 20
Directors 10 10
Accounts 5 10
Shareholders 0 10
Total 75 100