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The following is a complete list of all the data products we sell.

If your proposed use of our data means you are able to freely share your results under the terms of our Open Data licence, then we can usually provide you with these products at no cost.

Bulk data products

US Financial Network data

This dataset describes the complete corporate control networks for 15,000 Bank Holding companies registered with the US Federal Reserve. There are more than 90,000 relationships of control in 196 jurisdictions around the world under their control.

US Financial Licence data

This unique dataset brings together for the first time over 100,000 financial licences issued by states across the US.

Subsidiaries listed in SEC filings (data)

This dataset comprises subsidiaries extracted from current 10-K and 20-F filings at the SEC. It lists more than 250,000 subsidiaries worldwide, of over 5,000 major companies.

OpenGazettes data

This unique dataset brings together for the first government gazette data from across global jurisdictions into a single standardised dataset, linked to legal entities in OpenCorporates.

Premium services

Enterprise whitelisting service

If you are finding your access to OpenCorporates is repeatedly being blocked, our whitelisting service can help ensure continuity of access from your organisation.

Enterprise web account

Premium web features, including deep searches and data exports.

Premium API keys

Light API subscription

Light OpenCorporates API subscription: Annual billing

Basic API subscription

Basic OpenCorporates API subscription: Annual billing

Corporate API subscription

Corporate OpenCorporates API subscription: Annual billing