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Other datasets

OpenCorporates collects, collates and standardizes hundreds of different datasets that we use to enrich data on the millions of companies in our database. We make a number of these available as discrete datasets, to allow the information in them – subsidiary data, licences, branches, etc – to be used directly by specialized users

If you have a public interest use of the data (e.g. journalist, NGO, academic, etc) we can usually provide you with these products at no cost.


US Branches dataset

This innovative dataset of over 5 million entities has been derived from OpenCorporates uniquely comprehensive US entities data, and connects legal entities from Delaware plus 48 other states and District of Colombia to give an unrivalled perspective on business in the US today.

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US Financial Network data

This dataset describes the complete corporate control networks for 15,000 Bank Holding companies registered with the US Federal Reserve. There are more than 90,000 relationships of control in 196 jurisdictions around the world under their control.

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Subsidiaries listed in SEC filings (data)

This dataset comprises subsidiaries extracted from current 10-K and 20-F filings at the SEC. It lists more than 250,000 subsidiaries worldwide, of over 5,000 major companies.

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OpenGazettes data

This unique dataset brings together for the first government gazette data from across multiple jurisdictions into a single standardised dataset, linked to legal entities in OpenCorporates.

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Premium web features, including deep searches and data exports

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3 ways to access our data

OpenCorporates API

OpenCorporates’ API gives you direct, real-time access to the underlying structured data, with powerful queries and results as JSON or XML, ready to enhance data on demand or power onboarding or investigation workflows. Plans start from as little as £99/year.

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Bulk Core Legal Entity Data

For some users, only access to complete datasets will do, allowing the detailed analysis, integration with internal or third-party data, and importing via existing ETL processes. Available as CSV files, with a variety of delimiters/formats and regions.

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Other Datasets

From subsidiary data from SEC 10-K filings to US branch relationships, OpenCorporates has a number of specialised data products to enrich and enhance your understand of corporate activity.

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