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What makes OpenCorporates data special

OpenCorporates is not just another source of information about companies and businesses. We take a very different view from traditional proprietary business information providers, from our primary goal of making company information more widely available for the public benefit, to where we get our data from and what we tell you about it.

Unlike traditional proprietary information providers:


All our information is freely available on the OpenCorporates website

This doesn't just allow free access to thousands of journalists, NGOs, companies, banks, or law enforcement officers, it also exposes the data to 'many eyes' with very different contexts, massively improving the data quality feedback loop.


We only take data from public sources

The dirty secret of the business information industry is that the same data is sold and repackaged again and again, from company to company, with little visibility about its source.


We tell you where we got the data from and when it was retrieved

Not all data is created equally, and knowing where and when it was sourced is essential to getting the most out of it, whether it's for using documents as evidence in KYC or legal processes, or combining with other data.


We are focused on legal entities

We aren't a credit reference agency, or sales lead company, or a jack-of-all trades. OpenCorporates specialises in legal entities, and has a clear, open data model and IP-free way of identifying them that gives certainty, clarity and accuracy, and is why the data is increasingly being used as spine data by our bulk data users.


We work hard to make data open for all

We believe good businesses are based on adding value, and we do that by making sense of the data, and collecting it together in a clear, coherent way. So we work hard to persuade registers and other public sources to be published as open data for all to use, not just OpenCorporates, and are leading lights in the open data and corporate transparency world.

3 ways to access our data

OpenCorporates API

OpenCorporates’ API gives you direct, real-time access to the underlying structured data, with powerful queries and results as JSON or XML, ready to enhance data on demand or power onboarding or investigation workflows. Plans start from as little as £99/year.

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Bulk Core Legal Entity Data

For some users, only access to complete datasets will do, allowing the detailed analysis, integration with internal or third-party data, and importing via existing ETL processes. Available as CSV files, with a variety of delimiters/formats and regions.

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Other Datasets

From subsidiary data from SEC 10-K filings to US branch relationships, OpenCorporates has a number of specialised data products to enrich and enhance your understand of corporate activity.

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