Our Team

Chris Taggart

CEO & Co-founder

OpenCorporates is led and driven by Chris Taggart, co-founder and CEO. He is an experienced entrepreneur (having previously run and founded successful magazines companies), and is an acknowledged expert on global company data, particularly corporate identifiers.

Oliver Ratzesberger


Oliver is an executive business leader and technologist with over 30 years' experience at tech companies such as Teradata and eBay, as well as board positions at Tech San Diego and the University of California San Diego. Having previously held CEO, COO & CPO roles, Oliver led a variety of company and product transformations. He has delivered keynotes on data and tech and co-authored a book that made The Wall Street Journal Best Seller List.

Sarah Arana-Morton

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah is OpenCorporates Chief Operating Officer, having previously worked for a leading customer data analytics company. The mix of inspiring public mission and big commercial ambition, a rare combination, is what drew Sarah to join the team. In her spare time, she likes spending time with her young children, walking the dog on the beach and marathon running.

Rebecca Lee

Chief Impact Officer

Rebecca joined OpenCorporates after 11 years running Forensic Investigations for PWC and Deloitte: using data to detect, investigate, prevent and remediate crime. The opportunities to tackle crime through OpenCorporates data for the wider public good inspired her to join the team. Outside of work, she loves spending time outside with her family, Land Rovers, Scouting events and her aquarium.

Alan Buxton

Chief Technology Officer

Alan started his programming career in the mid 90s after completing a degree in Social Anthropology. Since then he has worked as a developer, project manager, product manager and CTO for a number of high-growth organisations. Having battled with black box company data for many years, he was drawn to OpenCorporates by its mission to open up company data.

Tannah Matus

Chief Financial Officer

Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) with seven years experience within SMEs covering financial, strategic and operational decision making. More recently consultant FD/CFO to a number to start-ups & High Growth SMEs.

Jade Croucher

Head of Commercial

Jade Croucher is Head of Commercial at OpenCorporates. With over 5 years’ experience on the Open Data scene, Jade is passionate about liberating data and corporate transparency. Born and raised in North London, she is a keen traveller and enjoys keeping fit, and combined the two to run a marathon in Uganda.

Ben Tullis

Head of Infrastructure

With over 20 years’ experience focused on Linux systems management and Open Source infrastructure projects (on land, at sea, and in the Antarctic), Ben has been instrumental in migrating the site to its current platform. When he is not working with, tinkering with, or speaking about Linux, Ben plays unicycle hockey for the Cardiff team.

Kate Pierre

Head of People

Kate studied psychology at university, before making a transition into Human Resources and achieving a CIPD qualification in HR Management. Kate spent 3 years at a tech start-up, where she established People and Culture activities as well as significant growth in headcount. When not working, Kate enjoys networking over a glass of prosecco and travelling to sunny destinations.

Laurence Reid

Head of Demand Generation

Laurence brings 7 years’ marketing experience from companies leveraging data and technology in the risk management, anti-financial crime and aviation sectors. He specialises in helping brands convey the positive impact they have on society. B2B Marketing magazine named Laurence as one of the ‘Top 30 Under 30 in B2B Marketing’.

Andy Smith

Head of Customer Success

Andy has worked in a variety of customer facing data roles over the past 10 years, spanning publishing, data analytics and financial services industries. Andy is passionate about helping clients and companies in using data to provide insight and to find solutions to real world problems. The possibility of combining these passions for the wider public benefit is what drew Andy to OpenCorporates. In his spare time Andy enjoys running, tai chi and reading.

Millie Stanisic

Client Manager

Millie joined OpenCorporates Commercial team after having worked in different commercial roles in the data industry since graduating from Kingston University in 2014. Originally from Montenegro, London has been her home for the past 10 years. When not visiting friends and family around the world, she enjoys taking her Cocker Spaniel (Cooper) on walks and hikes across the country.

Ivan Bashkirov

Software Engineer

Ivan came into software development through music tech, which he studied at university. Having lived in many places throughout the world, Ivan believes that opening up corporate data globally will be beneficial for everyone. Apart from his interest in data, he enjoys working at the intersection of technology and humanities, as he believes this is where the real magic happens.

Alex Papworth

Software Engineer

Alex is a developer who loves solving complex challenges with beautiful code. He has a background in web performance and end-to-end testing, and cares about making the world a better place one HTTP request at a time. First introduced to the Ruby language in 2017, Alex hasn't looked back since. Alex lives in West Sussex with his wife and four adorable cats. He loves cooking vegetarian dishes and watching independent films.

Gary Brett

Site Reliability Engineer

Gary joined OpenCorporates after having worked across many industries as a Linux infrastructure and DevOps engineer and brings with him 15+ years of experience in the field. Born and raised in London, Gary is a keen musician who enjoys recording, spending time with his children, playing football and following a variety of different sports. He has a passionate interest in open source and emerging technologies.

Shyam Peri

Data Developer

Shyam is an experienced developer and is responsible for bringing millions of datapoints to OpenCorporates. A strong believer in the importance and transformative nature of corporate transparency, Shyam was taken by our mission. Shyam lives in India and likes to spend his spare time playing with his son, gardening and experimenting with food.

Johnny Chan

Senior Data Analyst

Johnny joined OpenCorporates after 10 years working for banks and data & analytics consultancy firms. Johnny has extensive experience working with large datasets with technologies (SAS, SQL, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and more). In his spare time, Johnny enjoys playing in social tag/touch rugby leagues, cycling, and exploring the metropolitan back-streets and countrysides.

Nate Estrada

Data Analyst

Nate had his first introduction to data as an ecology undergrad in San Francisco, where he assisted grad students in analysing field data in preparation for publishing. He has worked in public transport for the City of London, advocating for safer road conditions for pedestrians and cyclists through data analysis. In his free time Nate enjoys rock climbing, pizza, and singing competitively.

Ben Jessop

Data Operations Analyst

Having lived in New Zealand for the past 12 years, Ben migrated back to London and joined OpenCorporates to take part in an organisation focused on social improvement. With experience as an Operations Manager / Developer, he enjoys being immersed in data and technology to tackle hard issues that invoke positive change. In his spare time, you can find Ben playing sport, writing novels or with family.

Liz Conlan

Software Engineer

Liz has spent the last decade and a half working on public benefit projects to open up data and create tools to hold power to account. She brings experience of a range of computer systems from obscure mainframe tech to modern web frameworks and non-relational databases. Outside of work she can be found tinkering with vintage computers or trying to get the local wildlife to sit still long enough to be photographed.

Guy Calloway

Junior Software Engineer

Guy joined OpenCorporates after completing a master's degree at Oxford University and an intensive coding bootcamp course. While at university, Guy founded his own sustainable clothing company, involving building the website and brand. Guy’s passion for technology and design attracted him to a career in software engineering. Guy’s hobbies include playing the trumpet, running and swimming.

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