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As the largest, open database of companies in the world, our business is making high-quality, official company data openly available. Data that can be trusted, accessed, analysed and interrogated when and how it’s needed.

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API Plans

OpenCorporates’ API plans give you direct, real-time access to the underlying structured data, with powerful queries and results as JSON or XML, ready to enhance data on demand or power onboarding or investigation workflows.

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5,000 API calls / month

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20,000 API calls / month

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We are the ‘Company registry’ for the world, open for everyone

Public official, legal entity data

All our data comes from primary public sources – we don’t buy any third-party data, and are transparent about – meaning users can rely on OpenCorporates data.

Data at scale

We are the largest open database of companies in the world. We have 190+m companies from 140 jurisdictions, all brought together into a standardised global schema.

Open identifiers

Unlike the traditional ‘black-box’ data providers, OpenCorporates provides open (non-proprietary) identifiers based on the identifiers issued by the official source.

Full provenance

We’re clear about where we got our data, and when we got it, unlike the ‘black-box’ data of the traditional proprietary providers.

Direct from source

We only collect data from the official source itself, we do not use third party data providers to access this data, and we provide direct line of sight to the original source.

Tech driven

Combined with the above principles, our custom-built data collection, QA and reconciliation technology gives us a significant competitive advantage over legacy business information companies.

Legal Entity Data: Why Transparency Accelerates Innovation

Join us to hear how you can leverage our legal entity reference data to accelerate the creation of deeper insights, identify risk and drive innovation.

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White Box Data

OpenCorporates’ is the world’s leading source of White Box company data. For 50 years, the data industry has been dominated by "Black Box data" – opaque, not well-defined, no provenance, using proprietary identifiers, and with poor data-quality feedback loops. Now, in a data-centric world, this is no longer fit for purpose, and what is needed is White Box Data – clearly defined, full provenance, open IDs, and available publicly for the best high-quality feedback loops. Read the White Paper to find out more.

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Why is our data so trusted?

World class domain expertise

We are the world experts on company registers and official company data.

Open = many eyes = fast positive feedback loops = less errors

Open access allows anomalies, errors, issues to be discovered faster, creating better quality data for everyone.

Automated and rigorous processes

Our high-efficient tech means OpenCorporates' data is better quality, fresher, and more efficiently collected than traditional competitors.

We have 1.2 million users every month, ranging from banks, NGOs, journalists, law enforcement, corporate investigators and due diligence professionals, and businesses themselves.

What is our data used for?

Mine it

Much wrong-doing is hiding in plain sight. By de-siloing official data OpenCorporates has become an essential tool for fraud identification, asset recovery or forensic accounting.

Identify with it

We have hundreds of API clients using our data for verification purposes, either as part of a workflow process or for on-boarding.

Build on it

We provide a backbone of legal entities, clearly modelled and provenanced, providing a foundational data source, on which you can build with confidence.