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Contributing to OpenCorporates

OpenCorporates is by far the largest open database companies in the world, and that's in a large part thanks to the contributions of the open data community, who have written scrapers for jurisdictions as widespread as Alaska to India, Singapore to South Africa. We've also had thousands of contributions from non-coders, who've added information to companies, helped group together companies, identified errors, liaised locally with governments and NGOs, or helped us understand what the information in local company register means.

We're shortly going to be expanding the ways you can contribute to make OpenCorporates not just the biggest open database of companies in the world, but the best too (keep an eye out on our blog for the latest info). However, there are already many ways you can help improve OpenCorporates, and we've briefly listed these below.


Contributing new jurisdictions to OpenCorporates

While we've got over 115 and have more in the pipeline, there are still gaps in our coverage, particularly in Latin America, Asia and Africa. If you think you can contribute either by writing a scraper to import the data or by campaigning locally to open up the data, do please contact us at We do have quite a few jurisdictions that we are currently validating, so drop us a line before possibly duplicating what's possibly already been done.


Helping crowdsource information on companies and company hierarchies

We're about to launch a new service to allow users to help build corporate hierarchies in a collaborative and open way. If you'd like to be an early tester, please contact us at


Doing something cool with the data

We've already got over 900 users of our new API service, reusing the data for cool things. We'd love to see more, especially data-driven journalism and community open-data projects. Why not organise a local hack-day to see what you can build?


Building widgets and tools

Want to build a browser plug-in, do a new visualisation, even a mobile app, or integrate into another system? We'd love to hear from you at


Found a bug?

Email us at We want to know!


Spread the word

Want to be an OpenCorporates evangelist? We're looking for people who can make the whole world aware of OpenCorporates. You can also help by tweeting, blogging, and spreading the word on social networks.

Want to get involved in OpenCorporates?

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