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International Trademark Registration

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Mark Text
International Registration Number
Holder Name
Holder Address
  • Members Hill, Brooklands Road
Holder Country
Holder Legal Nature
Holder Place Incorporated
United Kingdom
Registration Date
20 Aug 2010
Expiration Or Renewal Date
20 Aug 2020
Representative Name
  • JT International S.A.,
  • Intellectual Property
Representative Address
  • Rue de la Gabelle 1
  • CH-1211 Geneva 26
Representative Country
Goods and Services Classifications (EN)
  • 34 - Tobacco, whether manufactured or unmanufactured; smoking tobacco, pipe tobacco, hand rolling tobacco, chewing tobacco, snus tobacco; cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos; substances for smoking sold separately or blended with tobacco, none being for medicinal or curative purposes; snuff; smokers' articles included in this class; cigarette papers, cigarette tubes and matches.
Goods and Services Classifications (FR)
  • 34 - Tabac, brut ou manufacturé; tabac à fumer, tabac à pipe, tabac à rouler, tabac à chiquer, snus (poudre de tabac humide); cigarettes, cigares, cigarillos; substances à fumer vendues seules ou mélangées à du tabac, autres qu'à usage médicinal ou thérapeutique; tabac à priser; articles pour fumeurs compris dans cette classe; papier à cigarettes, tubes à cigarette et allumettes.
Goods and Services Classifications (ES)
  • 34 - Tabaco en bruto o manufacturado; tabaco de fumar, tabaco de pipa, tabaco de liar, tabaco de mascar, tabaco finamente molido o picado (snus); cigarrillos, puros, puritos; sustancias para fumar, vendidas por separado o mezcladas con tabaco (que no sean para uso medicinal ni terapéutico); rapé; artículos para fumadores comprendidos en esta clase; papel para cigarrillos, tubos para cigarrillos y cerillas.
Source International Bureau of WIPO, ftp://ftpird.wipo.int/wipo/madrid/rom..., 20 Nov 2013
* This information has been matched automatically, based in part on the name of the company. Please let us know if this information does not relate to this company.

Last updated November 21 2013, 7.42PM (almost 4 years ago)

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