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International Trademark Registration

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Mark Text
International Registration Number
Holder Name
Holder Address
  • 2525 West End Avenue,
  • Suite 950
  • Nashville, TN 37203
Holder Country
Holder Legal Nature
Holder Place Incorporated
Tennessee, United States
Registration Date
12 Jun 2009
Expiration Or Renewal Date
12 Jun 2019
Representative Name
  • Haverly A. Rauen
  • Adams and Reese LLP
Representative Address
  • 424 Church Street,
  • Suite 2800
  • Nashville, TN 37219
Representative Country
Goods and Services Classifications (EN)
  • 05 - Pharmaceutical preparations for use in the treatment of fever, pain, closure of patent ductus arteriosis, lactic acidotis, sepsis, severe sepsis, and septicemia, and cyclooxygenase i and ii inhibition.
Goods and Services Classifications (FR)
  • 05 - Préparations pharmaceutiques utilisées pour le traitement de fièvre, douleurs, fermeture de la persistance du canal artériel, acidose lactique, sepsie, sepsie grave et septicémie, ainsi que inhibition de la cyclo-oxygénase I et II.
Goods and Services Classifications (ES)
  • 05 - Preparaciones farmacéuticas para el tratamiento de fiebre, dolor, cierre del ductus arterioso persistente, acidosis láctica, sepsis, sepsis grave, septicemia e inhibición de la ciclooxigenasa I y II.
Source International Bureau of WIPO, ftp://ftpird.wipo.int/wipo/madrid/rom..., 18 May 2012
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