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Environmental Statement

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Environmental Policy 2ergo acknowledges its responsibility with a commitment to protection of the environment at all levels & complies fully with environmental legislation. Promote environmental policies & practices at every level & department of the company. Increase awareness of environmental responsibilities among staff, suppliers & customers. Minimise waste & pollution & develop & operate environmentally sound waste management procedures. Promote a purchasing policy which will give preference to those products & services which cause the least harm to the environment. Maintain the grounds and buildings of the company in an environmentally sensitive way, with regard to protection of local natural habitats & preservation of biological diversity. Consider environmental factors in respect of the growth of the company, seeking, as far as is practical, to reduce harmful environmental impacts & to integrate new developments into the local environment. We ensure staff regularly turn off lights, PC’s, & printers when not in use. We have increased the use of email for activity instructions to reduce the use of paper. We do not use plastic cups. We have a no-smoking policy. We share cars when journey planning to maximise coverage whilst minimising mileage. Where possible we use public transport to attend meetings. Hardware surplus to our requirements is collected by a company which disposes of it in a friendly manner. Furniture surplus to requirements is always offered to staff before being disposed of.
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Environmental Statement
Source Buying Solutions,, 17 Dec 2010 (UK Crown Copyright)
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