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Adept Environmental Policy Everybody has a responsibility for the environment around us, as it affects the air that we breathe, the water we drink and the ground we walk on. Adept recognises the need to minimise the impact we are having on our environment and we have implemented various initiatives in the aim to reduce our carbon footprint. - Recycle bins in the office - Toner and printer cartridges are recycled via GreenTech with the proceeds being donated to Charity. - All electrical equipment including computers (except our server) are turned off at night with nothing left on standby. - Lights are turned off in any rooms that are not being used - We digitally store and transmit as much information as possible to reduce wastage of paper - All confidential paperwork is collected from the office, shredded and recycled by a company called Paper Round We are keen to continually improve our efficiency and introduce further processes that will enhance customer service and be environmentally friendly.
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Environmental Statement
Source Buying Solutions, http://www.buyingsolutions.gov.uk/sup..., 14 Dec 2010 (UK Crown Copyright)
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