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Improvement Notice 302278435

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Compliance Date
Notice I/CL/291009/5 - IN served re emergency stop on the cross-cut saw,not equipped with a brake to enable it to be brought to a safe condition in a safe manner in a sufficiently short time. Notice I/CL/291009/6 - IN served re practice of using airlines to blow-down the machinery of dust prior to dry sweeping it up using brooms. Notice I/CL/291009/7 - IN served re open edge at rear loading bay with no edge protection Notice I/CL/291009/8 - IN served re dangerous parts of machinery, namely drive belt of the White speed sander and the saw blade, which was not at the point of operation, of the Stenner band re-saw, were able to be accessed whilst the machines were in operation as there was no effective protective or safeguarding devices to prevent access to the compartments housing them.
Notice Type
Improvement Notice
Source Health & Safety Executive,, 26 Nov 2010 (UK Crown Copyright)
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