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Association of Chief Police Officers corporate grouping *

Association may refer to:
Voluntary associations, groups of individuals who voluntarily enter into an agreement to accomplish a purpose:
501(c) non-profit organization (USA)
Alumni association, an association of former students of a college or university
Professional association
Sports association
Trade association, another name of an industry trade group
Associations in various fields of study:
Archaeological association, in archaeology, the relationship between objects found together
Association (astronomy), combined or co-added group of astronomical exposures
Association (chemistry)
Association (ecology)
Association (genetics)
Association (object-oriented programming), a kind of grouping in object-oriented programming
Association (psychology), a connection between two or more concepts in the mind or imagination
Association (statistics)
File association, associates a file with a software application capable of opening that file
Free association of producers, the goal of anarchists and communists
Security Association, the establishment of shared security attributes between two network entities to support secure communication
Names of particular entities or things:
Continental Association, often called the "Association", an economic boycott during the American Revolution
HMS Association (1697), a Royal Navy ship which sank in 1707
L'Association, a French comic book publisher
The Association, a pop band

(Source: Wikipedia)

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